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Neither a solid capital, a better product, a perfect idea or a big know-how, are more important than the people behind a project making things happen. We are not only talking about an excellent team, but about its achievers. Individuals motivated by an invisible force that is pushing them to accomplish any mission or challenge by themselves. Military mindsets with clear targets, the right information, authority, confidence, constancy, courage, loyalty, discipline, strategy and values.

I consider myself an achiever; a versatile and well-trained professional, strongly focused on getting things done. I show a fresh perspective of things, driven by a big passion for everything I do. I have worked for industrial and technological multinational companies, developing international go to market strategies from scratch.

Simplify things ▶ Communicate ▶ Adapt yourself ▶ Learn.

Constant growing by training is the key to keep yourself moving. I own a double-degree in Business Administration and Tourism, a Master in International Trade Management, several courses about how the world is changing into a more interconnected but complex environemnt (and how to adapt to this new challenge), and 5 languages speaker (Spanish, English, German, French, Italian) which means:

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