I was born in Zaragoza (Spain), in 1991 and I love Aragón.

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I have an enthusiastic, positive and passionate strong personality.

I try to enjoy every moment to maximum. Traveller and Vlogger.

Malta Dubai Adrián Rodrigo

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Bilingual English-Spanish. I am fluent in German and French.

I had my Erasmus experience in Munich, Germany.

Munich Adrián Rodrigo

I worked two years in Malta. I studied 3 months in Vienna, Cork and, Nuremberg.

Where I lived Adrián Rodrigo

I like cars and, I dream with a blue Mustang Shelby GT.

Amateur stock investor and, big passion for geopolitics.

I love to read books about the war history and, any kind of combat strategies.

I was once semi-professional DJ and EDM producer and, I love music festivals.

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Sports keeps mind healthy: Parkour, Skiing & Cutting Shapes (Dance).

When working on my own projects, I love to listen to Frank Sinatra.

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