What about finishing your university studies and forgetting all the folks wanting to go to the same boring places to celebrate it? What about running away from the same beaches around the world full of peace and relax at a hotel complex, at an all included?

Making my dreams come true, I decided to taste a little my future or better said, how I want to build my future. A 5 star top experience in Dubai.

Probably the very best holidays of my life, just absolutely surprising.

Best time to go → December beginning (National day)
Flying with → Emirates (7 hours)
Time Zone → +3 (GMT)
Currency → Dirhams (Aprox: 4 Dirhams = 1 €uro)
Prices → Aprox. Germany / Northern Europe
Food → West & Arabian mix
Behaviour & Protocol → West / Respect



Taking off from Madrid at 21:00 PM, arriving at Dubai at 7:00 AM for getting picked up by Sisira, my personal driver (and bodyguard) from Sri Lanka, probably one of the best persons and hard workers of the city, he impressed me at the very beginning with a friendly, polite and perfectly controlled social protocol.

See more about guides and social in Dubai → “Arabian Connections“.

We went directly from the airport to have breakfast at the Hyatt Dubai, the perfect place for a soft entry shock and to try the very first Dubai food, consisting specially of tasty and different bread with seeds. A little expensive 30 € for a little breakfast, maybe…

Hyatt Hotel Dubai

Way to the downtown to try to get some first pics with the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa behind me… Impossible feat, too big, too high, colossus. Wait till friday…

Burj Khalifa

Back to the car and way to the Dubai Mosque,

Dubai Mosque

the Dubai Museum…

Dubai Museum

Time to get the water taxi to Al Ras Ancient Market.

WaterTaxi Dubai

From there to the Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab - Jumeirah Beach

Way to my hotel Byblos at Marina, with a little stop on the Marina´s Spin Tower and tallest spin building on Earth to have my first lunch on a Thai restaurant called UDA at Marina Seaside and spending all the afternoon recovering myself from the long flight and long night, getting up only for having something at the Marina Mall, maybe 3 times bigger the biggest shopping center back in Spain and not even 1/5 from the big Emirates Mall or 1/10 from the world biggest´s Dubai Mall.

Byblos Hotel

Little walk by the beatiful Marina´s night skyline and tomorrow will be a great day!

Marina Mall


Way to Abu Dhabi with the tour operator with my dear Sisira, stopping to pick up the guide, a great mexican woman hired just for me, because someone from Spain was coming to visit Dubai, coming from a place in Europe where people rarely speaks english.

Abu Dhabi

On route to the Abu Dhabi Mosque; the guide got surprised about me, I knew evey single data of the arquitecture, also about the islamic rules, traditions, history… I had always love this culture. When visiting the Mosque, be aware of the photos and selfies poses, and do not forget to war long trousers and respect the rules for women uniform protocol.

Abu Dhabi Mosque

But hey… I admit I still upset because of my incident while taking this photo, two army soldiers came inmediately to shout at me and forced me to delete this recovered photo!

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Back to the city by the palace quarter, where all the severl highness had dozens of properties, the only place on Earth where you can find an modern 21st tech skypraper between two traditional palaces.

Abu Dhabi Palace

My arrival at the Abu Dhabi museum was really interesting… Only me, no groups, noone next to me, just people opening doors for me, up to 5 guides for me, my bodyguard and my tourist guide, all caring about me, 7 people walking next to me on this museum, c´mon! I felt totally like the President of the US or like a top tech or petrol highness.

The three icons of Abu Dhabi; the new Guggenheim, the new Louvre and the Mosque, a reason to fly from every single place of the world just to live it!

As we had some time, I insisted on going to the new sustainable city of Abu Dhabi, a huge university and innovation center, a city where ancient architecture has been combined with the very new technologies.

Interesting to see all around me the image of the president, I mean… On islamic states, the rule is to follow the rule of the non representation of human images on architecture but at the Emirates, the respect to the culture of the Presidency, really well protected and admired for what he did decades ago, declaring the independence.

Emirates Highness

Really shocking too, travelling on amazing roads, all desert around, some sand on the roads, kilometers and kilometers of constant street marketing, the biggest tendency for promotion at the Emirates as I realised.

Back in Dubai at 17:00, why not skiiing at the Mall of The Emirates?

Ski at emirates

And why not taking back the car to Jumeirah Beach to see the beatiful Burj Al Arab sunset?

Burj Al Arab Sunset


Geeting up early at the Byblos, take a taxi and go to have breakfast to the Burj Al Arab. 184€ for almost nothing, it is up to you if you want to make some pics and tell your friends some demonstration effect or give them a reason to block you on their facebooks.

Sunbathing a little at the Jumeirah Beach, my very first bath on the Arabian Gulf, cold, really cold… Just excellent relaxing morning watching the very best women around the world, models, etc, taking sessions on this exotic and amazing place! At Jumeirah Beach, rules and even nudity is… Better said, isn´t active…

Jumeirah Beach

Quick indian food for lunch and the very waited 4×4 Dune Safari! Amazing, just incredible experience as you can see on my video. From Dubai, we left on the right hand side the famous Global Village, later taking the way by Al Ain and Hatta, to the Al Habbar Dessert.

Dubai Roads 3

Randomly watching some really awesome cars such Hummer´s or car I don´t even know the name going on the road and suddenly getting to the dunes at a really top speed, going down, going up… We were not going to be different and the driver decided to do the same, all our other passengers we had, started crying and shouting praying for their lifes and the driver totally going mad enjoying all our faces.

On the way to the desert camp, I asked for leaving the car in the middle of the desert, with no way to know the civilitation, no mobile phone signal, no building and no green, only dunes till dozens of kilometers, on a place that only our driver knew for half an hour.. To experiment the true feeling of being alone and finding yourself… The driver came back 32 minutes later, those last 2 minutes where like a life for me.. Could you imagine being in such a place alone? The most strange thing is not hearing anything… Your brain starts to imagine strange sounds and you can get mad really easy!

Me alone at the desert

Finally at the desert camp we had typical traditional food, I enjoyed the company of a sweet japanese couple. We shared a bbq, I found out, Sandboarding isn´t that difficult, we smoked some Shisha, we made a tour on camels and all this typical stuff…

Dubai Food

The end was great, a sexy belly dancer and lots and lots of wonderful music.


I wont forget this day for the rest of my life.


Wake up! Up to heaven, the 124th floor of the world´s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. I will advise you, if you really want to go, to go up in the afternoon, in the morning there is only dust around Dubai and you wont see anything further to 2 km.

Burj Khalifa - At The Top

I couldn´t stop thinking about the film “Mission: Impossible 4”, where Tom Cruise climbs the building with suck gloves. There is no time limit to stay so just be patient and take your time, dust will go away and you wil enjoy totally being at the top of the world.

Burj Khalifa - At The Top

Descend to the main floor, directly to the -1 floor of the world biggest mall, the Dubai Mall, how can that place be so ******* big? C´mon… Walk for hours and you will only see half of it! Inside, there is an amusement park, an ice skating ring…

Dubai Mall

I was wearing a suit jacket that day and I was kinda elegant. Maybe becaouse of it and the colour of my skin, I got confused by one of the sohns of a highness, this one:

President Dubai

This was really funny!

… And one of the most strange images you will see on your life. The most respected traditions combines with the less respect and nearly porn culture. Where natives wear the traditional emirates Kandura, Hiyab for girls, etc, and occidental, specially russian spectacular sexy women, with no more than little skirts and tops, leaving little to imagination…


At night, buy a coke and a kebab and wait next to the Dubai Fointain to see the spectacle of the lights and the water, so beatiful! (At the end of my video).

Dubai Fointain

And… By the way! About women… This brings me back to that friday night, when I decided to go out… The Dubai night is not for me…

23:00 down to the hotel hall, two sexy young caucasian girls giving out flyers and prices to everyone walking by to enter and enjoy the two discos of the hotel… One of the girls saw me and probably though I was like her age, well, instead of asking me where I was from or how old I was or what was my name, she asked… Where I was working? C´mon… That makes you an image of the concept but this isn´t stopping now… I decided to tell her that this place was full of older people and that I was searching for people of my age, like 20 to 25 and she told me that she was going out of work at 1, and she gave me her mobile phone and told me something like “call me, I´ll go and pick you up from your room”

That wasn´t normal, my brain started to make strange ideas… You can imagine of what kind… Will she earn some extra money by this way?

In the meantime.. I was watching walking all around little old chinese businessmen walking by a huge sexy russian… And sometimes two!!! Things like that… Uf… I heard about those things before but I´m too young to see it!!!

Old, young girl

Finally I went to have a walk and back to my room, afraid of that girl and praying that she wont call me… Hahahahahaha


 I decided to wake up really early… Take a taxi and go to Al Ras! Taxis are really cheap in Dubai, like 50 dirhams, 12 € From Marina to Al Ras. Sisira told me not to go alone but I prefered to go and get there myself to be more agile negotiating, I love negotiating.
Getting out of the taxi, 3 guys came to me to be my personal shop guides taking me to the markets of their families and friends. Strange but interesting “business networks”.
I was there, sourranded only by arabian people, my sking was not enough to camouflage myself… Everyone look at me strange, like “what the hell is doing this kid over here”.
Your mum probably told you million times not to leave with unknown people… My mum did the same trillion, but, I followed my new friend to the two first shops, amazing tents, full of jewellery and silk. I bought some things but my guide though I was not convinced enough and he took me to one of the most difficult situations of my life…
Out of the main streets, away from Al Ras… There was a dark alley… Sarap, or a name sounding like this (my guide) suddenly took a key and open a door, inside, a building, a lift made out of wood and really old like 100 year old mud stairs… A donkey and horses inside, oh my God! I was not going inside, remember my mum! But… Yeah but at the same
time charming place, really traditional so… I followed Sarap, who told me not to be afraid, that he was going to open the door of the appartment and I will decide to go or not inside. Ok, he opened and looked like a normal shop but on a first floor flat… I entered in and my guide went away, Arabian people have this culture of loyalty to commerce, and he left not to know the prices of each store for not hurting the next shop to visit´s prices.
Inside the shop, 3 big boys, not arabic, maybe Pakistan, with bad faces, I think I saw one of them on the news c´mon… Just kiddin but I entered, they closed the door and start first to insist to me to buy all this fake shit clocks and so, everything really expensive, probably they though I was one of this rich kids but I´m not sorry, I tried to leave the shop, walk to the door and they avoid my exit, they started to touch me, please buy, please buy… And suddenly, one of them put a hand on my wallet that I had on my hand.
Ok, this was to much, do you remember this film, “Taken”? Where a daughter got kidnap and the father was a CIA agent and start killing the raptors? well.. Let´s say I imagine my father coming to rescue me… I told them, I will give them no money, and that they can imagine who could I be if I´m alone there in Dubai, that I had contacts… lucky for me that I´m a good poker player and finally they said something in their language and get away from the door… I managed to go out and go running to a main road with the idea of going to the police, being followed by my guide that was waiting for me downstairs…
Strange, but he, yes, my guide, started to cry! Telling me this guys were stupid, that he though I could be interested on fakes and so and to please stop running and forgive him… When I started shouting at him, he told me to go to a last stop, the best one he knows… And not following my mum advises… I decided to go with him to that last store…
Great decission! He took me to the best, his grandpa´s shop…
Al Ras Dubai
 At this place, I discovered the true arabic culture, there was an old man pleased to receive me there, a man who worked for 30 years as nomadic merchant across the desert to earn enough money to send his older daughter to Europe. Now she is a doctor at Milan. I asked her where was her mum and he added and she called her wife that was on the back shop. She present herself and went back to her things, I confess you know I was totally wondering if this woman will be his only wife… You know there you can have up to 4… So with the time and the continue of our businesses, I asked him directly but prudent and he answered laughing, “no of course not, my wife will kill me and afterwards, she will kill her.. And hey! Btw, he was like 60 years old but speaks awesome english!.
He was always joking with me, saying I was coming from Spain, an European rich country, and I was telling him that we were not that he was imagining and so…

This are some funny quotes I wont never forget:

Don’t get lied by the height of our buildings, our arabian sexuality is more than capable
C´mon! Shut up please, news are destroying the world… Do you have a girlfriend? Just tell me the truth, you love when she wears sexy things to you in private but you love when she tells you she is going out with her friend and wears a Sister Robe, right? Well, here is the same but arabian men are very ugly and we are afraid that those like you coming to Europe steal our women, bad men!
“Look at me, I want to remember you, a kid today so well prepared, so kind and so intercultural… Listen to me… Only those who dare move the world forward”.
When his grandson start telling his granpa that I was almost kidnap at the last shop, he look at me really angry and told me that there was something in God that allowed me to be different from the rest of the world and made me love arabian culture, that I mustn´t stop loving it so he gave me his personal clock, not to forget that Arabian people will always be nice to you, when I received it, I told him that the clock looked really expensive and he probably answered one of the best marketing answers ever “It is about how much it costs, this is about how much you you look to cost when you wear it”
“Emirians are honourable that laught of the foolish and understand the good dealer”.
When he sold me two things at a good price, I told him I was feeling this was a good business for both, then, he stopped me and told me “On good businesses are always a winner and a loser, the key is that the loser accepts it of maybe he doesn´t know it yet…”
When I told him that this was impossible to make profit with so many shops selling around about the same and he probably gave me the very best and advance “perfect competition markets explanaition: “Lots of shops selling the same is good, with just a single nice grain, people wont come to have the meal”.
In some points, I was dealing really slowly and he stopped me and asked me “Hey! Are you hungry?, I am hungry and you´re not buying me anything c´mon man!”
“I hate that russian women go walking in Dubai with so less clothes… Says my dear wife…”

Other marketing quotes from this such a wise man:

“People from Europe and the US buys here two or three cars, their kids come here, their parents buy another one for them, they crash them and nothing happens. New generations are coming really to kill the world, except you, of course”.
Lots of blonde girls over here, no? “No, actually all women here are blond, but they go and live their lifes at the Dubai Mall and go bonde”:
Well, he was just an amazing man, God cares him!
In the afternoon I went to the Palm Jumeirah zone and took the Monorail to the Atlantis Hotel zone, amazing, 4 routes inside, representing 4 parts of the world, the hotel is like a big amusemt part of the different parts of the world.


back to Spain business class, to live that perfect end for my personal “Emirates Experience”.
This was really funny, that in the afternoon while flying; suddenly some prayers in Arabic language were coming out from the toilets, lots of news and films force some easily scared Spanish citizens passengers, to wake up and go to the back side of the plane thinking about maybe, only maybe, they were praying before destroying the plane, c´mon! never more than one of the everyday five prays.