2017 (II)

2017 (I)

That was fucking amazing, as Dimitri would say, what the very best DJ´s of the world did yesterday in Zaragoza, at the Life Temptation Festival.

The River Sound Festival opened it doors at 21.00 P.M but was at 1:30 when suddenly lights went off, sound raised up and the music of the masters started kicking.

The set was full of new collabs but still, the greatest hit such as The Hum, Higher Place and remixes of The Chainsmokers and other artists totally engaged a fully-energyfulled crowd.

An epic moment happened when the greek brothers Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaos played a zorba, tributed to their home country. (Min. 1:18) of my private aftermovie:

Never dissapointing, the DJ duo totally met our best expectations and all of us where giving it all till the final moment, when they took a Spanish Flag to the top-bassed rythms and the crowd got simply mad.

It would be hard for the next DJ´s coming to Zaragoza to beat the madness brought last october 14th, 2016.

River Sound Festival and it´s Life Temptation continue to consolidate as a prime post summer electronic music festivals in the north of Spain, improving year by year. Check what it was Elrow and Rave in The River.

I voted for them to the top 100 DJ 2016.

What about you?


Fresh, magic, temptative, just at “LIFE TEMPTATION” the best proposal created for surprising the nationals and internationals festivals goers, with some of the very best DJ Mag´s Top 100 DJ´s artists of the moment.

Sound, lights, stage, innovation, environment, mapping… Everything set up to make assistants feel something different, taking them closer to the temptation, forgetting about everything but partying and raving.

Life Temptation is the concept-party where you need to go just once, and from that very first moment, you will get addicted to it.

“The is only one way to avoid temptation and this is… Falling into it”

Welcome all, to LIFE TEMPTATION.